Design for slab
According to the standard of 《Technical Specification for Concrete Structures Reinforced with Welded Steel Fabric》(JGJ/T114-2003),the following is made complying with the drawing supplied by the institute.

For building slab steel reinforcement, the mesh is classified as the bottom mesh and the top mesh.

1-     Mesh 2-lapping mesh

Bottom mesh arrangement for one way slab

  Column arrangement

bottom mesh in column5d(d is line wire diameter mm)

top mesh in column 20d(If the width of column is too small, the mesh should be bended)

Space of Force-bearing wire

a-     The force bearing wire

b-     The holding wire

Bottom mesh arrangement for two way slab

Bottom mesh-A One way slab

The force bearing wires shall extend into the supports without lapping ,For secondly force bearing direction, the small lapping mesh should be added into the supports.

Bottom mesh-B Two way slab

 Two ways slab is treated as two layers of one way slabs, the force-bearing wires shall extend into the supports; фR5.5@400 should be used as the holding wires, which requires no lapping .The space between the side force-bearing wires on neighboring meshes should be no greater than the space of the interior force-bearing wires.

Top mesh A- normal situation

Top mesh arrangement for normal situation

Top mesh B-covering all area

Top mesh arrangement for covering all area

Notes: TTS – Top mesh TX – Top mesh on beams a- length of lapping


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